Indian Artificial Satellites /
: Satyendra Nath Ghosh
: English
Book Type
: General Book
: Science / Mathematics / Statistics
Publication Year
: 2003
: 8171243096
Binding Type
: Hard Bound
: viii + 164 Pages, Illus., Size : Demy i.e. 22.5 x 14.5 Cm.

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After World War II there have been all-round efforts in India for improvement of Science and Technology and, as a result, great strides have been achieved in different fields of scientific endeavour. Of these, in two fields the developments are significant, namely in Nuclear Science and Investigation with Rockets and Satellites. In the latter field, in addition to rockets, a good number of artificial satellites have been launched. The latter are used for scientific investigation, communication, weather forecasting, giving warning of natural disasters, remote sensing etc. Attempts have been made in this book to give briefly Indian Rockets and in detail of Indian Satellite work and their applications. In addition to Indian rocket and satellite work, space flights, US and USSR space missions and space activity carried out by other countries are briefly referred. The author wishes to acknowledge good amount of help received from Mr. A. Ghosh in preparation of the book and also from Smt. Srilekha Bhattacharyya and Mr. Sanat Paik, for drawing diagrams, typing and re-arrangement of the subject-matter. Contents : Chapter, 1. Planets and Satellites in the Solar System, 2. Artificial Satellites , 3. India’s Participation in Space Activities, 4. Indian Artificial Satellites and their Characteristics, 5. Applications of Indian Artificial Satellites, 6. Space Flights, U. S. and USSR Space Missions, 7. Space Activities of Different Countries, 8. Concluding Remarks, Appendix I : Evolution of Space Concept Through Ages, Appendix II : Basic Considerations of Space Travel, Appendix III : Space Vehicles, Appendix IV : Space Science Fictions, Appendix V : Trapping of Solar Power from, Space, References.