English Hindi Dictionary / अंग्रेज़ी हिन्दी शब्दकोश
: Hardev Bahari
: Hindi + English
Book Type
: Reference Book
: Dictionaries / Encyclopeadia
Publication Year
: 2016
: 9788170281009
Binding Type
: Hard Bound
: 968 Pages, Append., Size : Demy i.e. 22.5 x 14.5 Cm.

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It is a comprehensive Dictionary containing vocables from British English, American English and those derived from other European Languages as well as generalized scientific and technical terms. Pronunciation in Devanagari immediately follows the main word. For English pronunciation, stress-accent is most important and it has been carefully marked. Various shades of meanings have been given separately and numbered as 1 2 3 in bold figures. Prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations and word elements have been given due place in the body of the Dictionary. This Dictionary is a storehouse of idioms, phrases & phrasal verbs. Useful for teachers, students, colleges, schools, libraries, offices and homes. This Dictionary, apart from being an English Hindi Dictionary, would also serve as an English English Hindi Dictionary as it gives meanings of the words and their usages in English in most cases.<br /><br />