Benares Illustrated /
: James Prinsep
: English
Book Type
: General Book
: Benares / Kashi / Varanasi / Ganga
Publication Year
: 1996
: 817124176X
Binding Type
: Hard Bound
: xxxiv + 96 Pages, Plates, Size : Royal Octavo 25 x

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 "There are few objects more lively and exhilarating than the scene from the edge of the opposite sands, on a fine afternoon, under the clear sky of January. The music and bells of a hundred temples strike the ear with magic melody from the distance, amidst the buzz of human voices; and every now and then the flapping of the pigeons' wings is heard as they rise from their crates on the housetops, or whirl in close phalanx round the minarets, or alight with prisoners from a neighbour's flock. At the same time the eye rests on the vivid colours of the different groups of male and female bathers, with their sparkling brass water-vessels, or follows the bulls as they wander in the crowds in proud exercise of the rights of citizenship, munching the chaplets of flowers liberally presented to them. Then, as the night steals on, the scene changes, and the twinkling of lamps along the water's edge, and the funeral fires, and white curling smoke, and the stone buildings lit up by the moon, present features of variety and blended images of animation, which it is out of the artist's power to embody. He may give in detail the field upon which these scenes of life are enacted, but the spectator's imagination must supply the rest." Such a description of Benares, known as the 'holy city', 'the eternal city' or 'the city of Siva', could only come from a person i.e. James Prinsep who was deeply in love with it, its people, its sights and sounds, in fact, its very soul.