Ancient Indian Administration & Penology /
: Paripurnanand Verma
: English
Book Type
: Reference Book
: History, Art & Culture
Publication Year
: 1993
: 817124114X
Binding Type
: Hard Bound
: x + 306 Pages, Size : Demy i.e. 22 x 14 Cm.

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There are a number of books in English and Indian languages on ancient India but there is something unique about this book. The learned author due to his knowledge of Samskrit and study of Vedic and Pauranic texts in original has given a comprehensive narration and analysis of ancient Indian concept of administration, justice, education, finance, faith, republicans and monarchies, their standard and culture, art, literature, social customs, ancient Indian penology, criminology, law and order, organization of police force, inherent unity in thought and culture from Vedic period till date and the science of astrology, mathematics, astronomy. This book has been further enriched by detailed description of the system of village councils, panchayat raj, local self government and democracy always at the base of monarchies also. Due to his knowledge of Pali the author has drawn a good deal from inscriptions and engraved proclamations.<br /><br />