Life In Ancient India (c. A.D. 800-1200) /
: Mahendra Pratap Singh
: English
Book Type
: Reference Book
: History, Art & Culture
Publication Year
: 1981
Binding Type
: Hard Bound
: xviii + 360 Pages, Index, Biblio., Size : Demy i.e. 22 x 13.5 Cm.

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The present study is essentially a socio-religious history of early medieval India, mainly based on the Muslim Writngs of the period. Apart from the famous Al-Biruni, there were a number of Arab Scholars during A.D. 800-1200, who recorded their observations on the social, cultural and religious customs and manners of the people. Their observations, however, cannot be assepted unreservedly. The information supplied by these sources have been checked, verified and compared with Indian sources of the period, which makes the persent study more authentic and complete.<br /><br />