Introduction to Movement, Ages and Literary Forms /
: R.N. Singh
: English
Book Type
: Text Book
: English Literature
Publication Year
: 2004
: 8171243770
Binding Type
: Paper Back
: viii + 164 Pages, Index, Size: Demy i.e. 21.5 x 14 Cm.

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Contents, Preface, Part One : Renaissance, Reformation, Metaphysical Poetry, Neoclassicism, Romantic Revival, Modernism, Modernist Poetry, Modernist Novel, Modernist Drama, Postmodernism, Feminism, Part TWO : Tragedy, Types of Tragedy, Shakespearean Tragedy, Comedy, Types of Comedy, Comedy of Manners, Sentimental Comedy, Anti-Sentimental Comedy, Poetic Drama, T.S. Eliot's Contribution to Poetic Drama, Part Three : Novel, Forms of the Novel, Historical Novel, Picaresque Novel, Regional Novel, Domestic Novel, Realistic Novel, Psychological Novel, Part four : Sonnet, Ode, Epic, Mock-Epic, Ballad, Dramatic Monologue, Lyric, Elegy, Heroic Couplet, Blank Verse, Free Verse, Essay, Short-Story, Biography, Part five : Practical Criticism, Experiment in Practical Criticism, Exercises in Practical Criticism, Texts for Exercise, index.