Fundamentals of Educational Research /
: Kamata Prasad Pandey
: English
Book Type
: Text Book
: Education & Psychology
Publication Year
: 2010
: 9788171246625
Binding Type
: Hard Bound
: xvi+ 382 Pages, Append., Index Sixe : Demy i.e. 22.5 x 14.5 Cm.

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The present edition of the book 'Fundamentals of Educational Research' is an updated and completely improved version of the earlier editions. It now comprises 15 chapters in all. It embodies new themes pertaining to qualitative research, latet data collection devices used in educational research and various non-parametric test being currently promoted and used by researchers in the professional courses of bahavioural sciences including educational and psychology. The captions in which the chapters have been formulated are : Chapter 1-Educational Research : What & Why; Chapter 2-Fields of Educational Research; Chapter 3-Forms of Research : Fundamental, Applied and Action Research; Chapter 4-Dynamics of Action Research; Chapter 5-Methods of Educational Research; Chapter 6-Qualitative Research in Education; Chapter 7-Establishing a Research Problem; Chapter 8-Hypothesis Making and Hypothesis Testing; Chapter 9-Sampling in educational Research; Chapter 10-Research Designs; Chapter 11-Tools of Educational Research; Chapter 12-Statistical Treatment and Interpretation of Data; Chapter 13-Formulation of Generalizations and Counclusions; Chapter 14-Preparation of Research Report and Chapter 15-Preparation of Research Synopsis. Presented in a Lucid style, the book is marked by clarity in articulation of the various themes and sub-themes. the treatment of difficult and hard knots in conducting educational research is attempted with an eye on beginners in research. There are exemplifications galore and throughout the book indian case references predominate so as to suitably orient the readers and practitioners of educational research for quality thrusts in their pursuits.